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I had my qualms lunching at Ka-soh. After all, most of the reviews highlighted that its price is slightly on the high side and the standard of food has dipped. My fear was compounded when I reached an empty parking lot during Saturday lunch hour!

It can’t get worse when I pushed open the glass door to an empty restaurant. Even the air-conditioner was switched off. To ensure that I would not lunch with sweat perspiring down,  I asked the waitress if the air-conditioner was working. They assured me that the air-conditioning is working properly. Good.

Ka-soh is supposedly famous for its fish head noodles. It’s still is but I find another jewel in the restaurant. Deep fried pig intestines….It is a very rare delicacies here in Malaysia. Moreover, to find a good ones is almost impossible! It is reminisce of my previous precious food experience at Ming Fu Seafood Restaurant at Taipei, Taiwan. Though not as great, it is a welcoming substitute ( while I plan another trip to Taipei). And it does not look like intestines, maybe they resemble deep fried chicken instead. :). Delicious to be eaten on its own or dunked in the sauce. It is crunchy and crispy and really, no funny smell that is always associated with not-so-thorough cleaning of the intestines. Highly recommended and I think it is worth it although it may shoot up your cholesterol level!

Of course, we ordered its signature dish – fish head noodle for sharing. I love the texture of the noodles – very chewy. The soup is very clear vs the normally sour fish head soup. I also love the soup as there ain’t any pickled vegetables in it. No condensed milk is added ( great because I am lactose-intolerant). The fish fillet is very fish and not much bones. Just hate those fish with a lot bones. Some may comment that the dish is a bit bland but I really love the clear soup. No complaints.

As side dish, we ordered fried frog with ginger. Sounds gross…But it was great. Meat was fresh. Except that it was a bit too oily. Nevertheless, the fried ginger slices made up for it. Not bad.

Total damage done for the day was RM104-00. You be the judge if it is reasonable.

18, Jalan Delima ( off Jalan Imbi)

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-21480102 , 21482723

Disclaimer : The opinions expressed herein are purely my own.


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